Pardon the absence

So I had intended to write a post about the games coming out right before the turn of the millennium with a very nihilist attitude. But that seems to be only my interpretation of several games premises. Apparently only White Wolf games had this particular idea, so my post got the axe. I was still wondering what to write on-I’m still not able to game regularly- when a little controversy popped up and I felt like giving my .02 cents.

Apparently, the new Candlekeep Mysteries 5th Ed book has an adventure in it that was a butchered version of what the writer came up with. The thing is so badly cut up the writer asked to have his name removed from future printings of the book. Yikes.

Now the writer lays out his thoughts on his on blog: And I tell you what, I want to play his version of that adventure. Just from reading his brief synopsis, I’m hooked. And I’m not very keen on the Forgotten Realms. So it’s telling that I hope he does release it in some fashion, so I can pay for it and show that what WOTC did wasn’t right.

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